If I didn't like Scott so much as a person, I'd never write this reference for him — because I want to make sure he's always available to work with me!

I've worked with Scott for over ten years on countless projects at a number of companies, including Lotus Development, IBM, and Nexaweb Technologies, Inc. He's not only a great writer, but also has many other strengths. He's quick to understand the scope of a project and make suggestions that add value. In an ever-changing industry he always has a solid grasp on new technology concepts — and can articulate them in copy. He always manages his end of the project seamlessly. And his turnaround time is exceptionally quick.

All that, plus Scott is a pleasure to work with. When I need a writer, he's always first on my list.

Laura Hoffmann,
Marketing Manager at IBM


Working with Scott is an experience in efficiency, creativity and humor. When we hired him to write a white paper and then rewrite our entire web site content, he rapidly ramped up and understood our product and market space. Scott is a tech-savvy, eloquent writer who goes above and beyond to get the job done.

Joy Reo,
Director of Marketing at Enigma, Inc.


It is a pleasure to work with Scott. He is incredibly responsive and infinitely flexible. Whatever our specific needs and budgetary requirements, Scott has been able to accommodate us. I recommend him highly.

Birgit Mohney,
Marketing Manager, Trigent Software, Inc.


Scott is truly a full-service writer and a delight to work with. He can take a brief assignment description and develop it into a credible piece. He combines a strong technical background with marketing savvy to write materials that reflect an in-depth understanding of business objectives. And he shepherds projects through the review/approval process with both speed and finesse. I've worked with Scott for over five years on more than a dozen projects, and I can't think of anyone I'd recommend more wholeheartedly.

Marlene Ellin,
Senior Editor, IBM SWG Communications