I've never not been a writer. My first magazine credit dates from the fifth grade. As an undergraduate I worked as a staff writer for a university office. In grad school (I hold an MS in Information Science) I did freelance technical writing, and collaborated on textbooks and papers with the faculty. The focus of my graduate work was computer-based information architectures, the foundation for the Web. My deep academic and professional in this work continues today.

Following grad school I took my first and last "real" job as the documentation manager for Whitesmiths, Ltd., a small-but-mighty software tools company that created, among other things, the first commercially available C compiler. After four successful years, I went back to freelancing so I could focus more fully on writing. Since then I’ve done every imaginable kind of business writing for clients ranging from fledgling nonprofits to industry leaders like IBM, CA Technologies and Symantec.


These days I'm particularly enjoying the challenges of supporting my smaller clients, who need everything from press releases to Flash demo scripts to blog posts. On the other end of the spectrum, since its inception I’ve written much of the online content for Pulse, IBM’s largest trade show. Whatever the project, I thoroughly enjoy the craft of writing. I'm grateful for every opportunity to do this work in a good way.

Many thanks for your interest in where I'm coming from. I look forward to connecting with you further.